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City Catalyst Grant Update - FBW partnership with the Florida League of Mayors
The 2016 grants have been awarded and are rolling out in our communities. This year's recipients include:
  • DeLand - Trips for Kids: Bicycle Safety
  • Hampton - City Cemetery Protection
  • South Bay - Youth Intervention
  • Zolfo Springs - Mentoring Pavilion
See some of what DeLand's project has done
DeLand On Track Video
Article in Quality Cities - please click photo to read article
Supporting Local Government - FLGC

Florida Business Watch is a proud member of the Florida Local Government Coalition; associations working together to advocate for and educate citizens on local government. Local Works Day is an annual event to showcase all that local government does every day.

"Right here in our own backyard, Florida's local governments spend tens of billions of dollars every year in the private sector, on everything from paper clips to police cars, radios to roads, and lamps to landfills. In fact, private contractors help treat our water, light our streets and, pick up our trash, in addition to mowing our medians, heating and cooling our buildings, and providing security. Changes are you have family members, friends, and neighbors who depend on private sector "government" jobs."
- Letter published 2015 in Palm Beach and Pensacola
"Local governments are an economic driver, spending billions each year in the private sector, money that supports Florida companies, shareholders and employees. Businesses and local government working together is the also the most productive path to economic development and job creation."
- Letter published 2014 in Miami, Palm Beach, Wellington, Okeechobee, Orlando, Tampa, Tallahassee and Pensacola.

"What if no water flowed at the kitchen sink tomorrow? What if garbage piled in the streets and no one answered your 911 call? Local government and its private sector partners offer tremendous value to Florida's taxpayers. Public safety, clean water, roads and bridges, sanitation, parks and recreation and libraries are just a few of the services we take for granted. But Florida's quality of life is not by accident. Local governments, their private sector partners and dedicated staffs make the difference."

- Letter published 2013 in Pensacola, Miami and Tallahassee

Building Communities - FBW/Florida League of Mayors Grants
Florida Business Watch and the Florida League of Mayors teamed up to create a new grant program available to cities throughout Florida. The purpose of the grant program is to help supplement the cost associated with a public project or initiative that helps build community and/or enhance the lives of its citizens.

Five grants were awarded in 2015. New grant applications will be requested in the summer of 2016.

2015 winners: 
  • Clearwater opened their Community Gardens in a blighted area to grow community spirit as well as fruits and vegetables.
  • Destin is expanding their summer camp garden to their after school program.
  • Hampton is remulching both their playground areas to improve safety. 
  • Holly Hill created a lending library because the nearest county library is over 10 miles away.
  • Springfield is enhancing their Summer Reading Program so kids retain and expand their reading skills over summer break.
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