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Several issues will impact Florida's future stability and economy. 

Florida Business Watch supports an active conversation about taxes, tax policy and the role of government. As part of that conversation Florida Business Watch is interested in policy that promotes a balanced approach to cuts and revenue. It is in Florida's best interest to both save money and consider new or increased revenue sources such as the collection of internet sales taxes. 

Florida Business Watch supports a regulatory climate conducive to attracting businesses to our state. This includes promoting an inexpensive non-intrusive regulatory environment, creating stability and predictability of regulation and periodic examination of all business regulations imposed at the state level. 

Florida Business Watch supports investments conducive to creating a positive business climate, including improving infrastructure necessary for trade, repairing existing roads and bridges, promoting urban infill, and adequately funding education including workforce training. 

We believe reasonable approaches to these issues will make Florida stronger and protect our economy in the future.
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