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Government Conferences

Florida Business Watch members receive regularly updated lists of government conferences held in Florida. This list includes dates, locations and links to conference information. FBW members receive information on the following organizations in one place.

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Florida Association Conferences
American Planning Assoc. - Fl. Chapter
American Public Works Assoc. - Fl. Chapter
Building Officials Assoc.
Assoc. of Business Tax Officials
City and County Management Assoc.
Assoc. of City Clerks
Assoc. of Code Enforcement
Assoc. of Counties
Assoc. of County Engineers & Road Superintendents
Assoc. of Court Clerks & Comptrollers
Assoc. of District School Superintendents
Assoc. of School Administrators
Engineering Society
Fire Chief's Assoc.
Gov. Communicators Assoc.
Gov. Finance Officers Assoc.
League of Cities
League of Mayors
Library Association
Local Environmental Resource Agencies
Local Gov. Information Systems Assoc.
Municipal Attorney's Assoc.
Municipal Electric Assoc.
Police Chiefs Assoc.
Public Employer Labor Relations Assoc.
Assoc. of Public Purchasing Officers
Public Transportation Assoc.
Recreation and Parks Assoc.
Redevelopment Assoc.
School Board Assoc.
School Finance Officers Assoc.
Sheriffs Assoc.
Solid Waste Assoc. - Fl. Chapter
Transportation Builders Assoc.
Other Conferences
Fl. Benchmarking Consortium
Digital Gov. Summit
Governor's Hurricane Conference
Fl. Gov. Technology Conference
Schools - Fl. School Board Assoc., Fl. Assoc. of District School Superintendents, Educational Negotiators, Educational Risk Management, School Public Relations, Education Legislative Liaisons

Water Resources - Fl. American Water Works Assoc., Fl. Water Environment Assoc., Fl. Water and Pollution Control Operators
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