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Past 2015 Events

December 8, Free FLGC event in Davenport - Public Records
Pat Gleason, Special Counsel for Open Government with the Office of the Attorney General and Keith Rizzardi, Law Professor with St. Thomas University and author of Sunburned: How misuse of the public records law creates an overburndened, more expensive, and less transparent government provided a two hour overview of public records in Florida including an introduction to possible legislative changes.

November 18, FLC Research Symposium & League of Mayors Roundtable, Lake Buena Vista
Attendees learned strategies to assist homeless and those working but not making more than $40,000 a year, like supplying them with access to free tax preparation and adopting policies that don't regularly change their work schedules so they can plan for childcare and budgets. Attendees also discussed issues like helping people build credit, where to place assistance in communities and how to pay for this. The afternoon discussion addressed how to plan for great communities and creating places people want to live and businesses want to work.

November 13, FCCMA Regional Training, Largo
Members could meet their required Ethic training hours learning about building a culture of compliance with Florida's ethics laws.

November 5
, FCCMA Symposium (last statewide event of the year), DeLand
"Recognizing, Respecting and Raising your Cultural Intelligence. How Diversity and Inclusion Impacts your Community's Character." brought together local government leaders for a full day of discussion on fostering and understanding diversity.

October 30, FCCMA Regional Training, Sanford, Homelessness

Discussion on what to do, when and how as well as best practices on addressing homelessness. 

October 23, FCCMA Regional Training, Ft. Myers, 21st Century Leadership
Eight city and county mangers led an informal discussion on today's local government leadership in Florida. 

October 1, Free Webinar - Managing the Media
How do you respond to a local crisis and stay in control? Being proactive instead of reactive takes clearly thought-out strategies and preparation. 

September 8 - FLGC free event in Winter Garden
Attendees had robust conversation on what it takes to create great downtown centers. They also learned about maintaining a vision, partnering with neighboring communities and how trail systems can spur economic growth.

August 20 - FLGC free event in Tampa
Jeff Vinik, owner of the Lightning presented a keynote on the revitalization of downtown Tampa. This presentation was followed by a panel discussion on the ripple affect to organizations and communities throughout the region. See more.

August 12 - 14 

Before the FLC Conference, FBW members participated in the Center for Municipal Research Symposium on Florida transportation. Members also attended a Mayors Roundtable on leading at the local level, followed by a reception and hospitality suite.

During the conference, FBW conducted a session for corporations on complying with Florida's open records laws. View the powerpoints:  Florida's Public Record Act                 Public Records and Contractor Responsibilities

July 22 - FLC University Class - Orlando - Understanding the Layers of Government in Florida
Civics 101 on how governments work and interact in Florida geared toward elected officials and staff. 

July 17 - FLC Legislative Policy - Orlando

A limited number of FBW corporate members participated in the FLC Legislative Policy committee meetings for the 2016 session.

June 25 & 26 - FLC Legislative Policy Meetings - Orlando
A limited number of of FBW corporate members were invited to participate in discussion groups reviewing legislative priorities for 2016.

May 27 & 28 - FCCMA Conference - Orlando

FBW was very active at the Florida City and County Management Association's annual conference. On Thursday, two city clerks conducted a business session on how companies can comply with public records laws. On Friday, FBW conducted roundtable discussions on Florida's water future. Those break-outs covered: Sea Level Rise/Salt Water Intrusion; Springs Restoration; Future Alternative Sources; and Finding the Money. Thank you to everyone who participated. At the end of the day, FBW also hosted a reception and two different hospitality events

May 14 & 15 - Mayors Roundtable - Orlando - Resilience Symposium
Attendees toured the "Federal Alliance for Safe Homes" Storm Struck: A Tale of Two Homes interactive weather experience at Epcot which was followed by a day of discussion on increasing Florida's resilience to disasters, including a keynote by Dr. Rick Knabb, Director of the National Hurricane Center.

May 7 - Free Webinar - Bond Basics 101

How do communities make decisions on how to fund capital projects? Are they better served to "pay-as-you-go" or to debt finance and spread the financial obligation. This session focused on the implications and considerations on using Bond financing.

April 16 & 17 - Mayors Mean Business - Orlando
The signature event each year of the partnership between Florida Business Watch and the Florida League of Mayors highlights the importance of business growth and investment at the local level. Mayors and business leaders work together on how to promote economic development and foster collaboration.

March 27 - FCCMA Regional Training - St. Petersburg - CCNA and Legal Requirements for Purchasing Services in Florida
With the ever growing collaborative environment of hybrid outsourcing and privatization of government services, local government professionals must stay current with legal requirements and expectations. Attendees learned about the Florida specific program and real world challenges.

March 20 - FCCMA Regional Training - Aventura - Social Media for Florida Local Government Managers
Attendees learned how to understand and navigate Social Media for local governments and their professional benefits. Lunch included.

March 17 & 18 - League of Cities Legislative Action Days and League of Mayors Roundtable - Tallahassee

City Elected Officials from around the state attended a day and a half of meetings, seminars and social events addressing Legislative issues under consideration followed by a League of Mayors roundtable. FBW business leaders participated in all activities and spoke with Legislators about the contractor public records bill.

March 13 - Manager and Elected Official Ethics Training - Tallahassee
Managers and their elected officials participated in the first joint session with Pat Gleason, Special Counsel for Open Government, Attorney General's Office and Chris Anderson, General Counsel and Deputy Director, Florida Commission on Ethics. 

March 6 - Florida Local Government Regional Event - Successful Collaboration - Tampa

Attendees from FLGC member associations (i.e. FCCMA, League of Mayors, FLC, FAC, FLGISA, FGFOA, etc.) joined for a summit on successful collaboration across departments, between jurisdictions and the private sector.

March 5 - Free Webinar - 2 p.m. Economic Forecasting

Kevin Plenzler of Fishkind and Associates provided an overview of Florida's economy, trends (employment, population, economic recovery, the housing market, etc.) as well as the impact some industries (agriculture, service, health, etc) are having on Florida's local governments. 

February 27 - FCCMA Regional Training - Palm Beach Gardens - Ethics: Today's Challenges for Local Government Officials
ICMA's Director of Ethics, Martha Perego, facilitated a discussion with attendees from throughout the state.

February 24 - Free Webinar - 2 p.m. What's in Store for the 2015 Legislative Session?

A Florida League of Cities webinar to prepare you for the new Florida Legislature. With new leadership in the Senate and House, several issues impacting cities are expected to be considered in the upcoming session. 

February 22 & 23 - Florida Civic Advance Summit - Orlando
This was not an FBW event, but FBW members were invited. The summit provided an interactive opportunity to share experience and expertise to find real ways to improve civic life in Florida's communities.

February 20 - FCCMA Regional Training - Gainesville - CCNA and the Legal Requirements for Purchasing Services in Florida
Please see the event being held March 27 in St. Petersburg for a description. The same program was offered twice to allow more attendees to hear about this important topic.

February 5 & 6 - FCCMA Winter Institute - St. Petersburg - Preparing Government Leaders for Change

In this day and a half event, 85 Florida City and County Managers with a limited number of FBW corporate members, heard from experts in planning, public safety, parks and rec, public works and technology on challenges and opportunities forecasted for the future. Ian Hill, leader of The Changing Point, helped attendees transform information into action. 

February 2 & 3 - Mayors Fly-In - Tallahassee

Mayors from throughout the state and FBW business members addressed legislative priorities for 2015. Presentations from tSenate and House leadership offered insight, followed by one-on-one meetings.

January 15 - FCCMA Regional Training - Fort Myers - Local Government Technology: Who, What, Why, How and When?

How do local government professionals keep up with the hardware and software changes, the nomenclature and protocols, security concerns and techniques, and everything else that advances in technology imposes?

January 8 - Free Webinar - 2 p.m. - Ethics
A Florida specific review of the ethical requirements of all public officials. C. Christopher Anderson, General Counsel for the Florida Commission on Ethics will provide an overview of Florida requirements and detail the ethics complaint process.

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